DMV Hearings offer you an opportunity to contest the suspension or to request the reinstatement of your driver’s license.

A DMV hearing has to be scheduled in advance with a DMV inspector and is a tape recorded public record in which transcripts from the presented evidence surrounding the case of your license suspension can be obtained.

Our attorneys can request that the police officer or expert witnesses relevant to your case attend the hearing for a statement of facts.

During the hearing our attorney can review and challenge the accuracy of the police reports in order to address possible errors and mistakes. Facts and information about your specific personal situation, otherwise unknown to the authorities can also be presented.

A successful presentation of the facts, information and possible errors in your favor, performed by an experienced expert may convince the DMV Inspector to use his discretion to reinstate your driver’s license.

Professional drivers, whose license had been suspended due to too many points on their driving record can this way be placed on a “higher” point count with their license reinstated on probation rather than being suspended.

In case of a DUI arrest, A DMV hearing when performed successful can prevent the automatic suspension of your driver’s license.

Our experienced staff performs successful DMV hearings for our clients on an everyday basis.

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