In California every D.U.I arrest triggers two separate cases. The Court case and the dmv case.

For the court case, you have received a date and court location for Arraignment. The Arraignment is the beginning of the formal court proceeding for your criminal case. The second case is your DMV case, which is no less important than the court case. On the notice of aps, the pink paper you received in exchange to your Driver’s License it reads that you have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV hearing. If you fail to do so, the DMV will automatically suspend your Driver’s License after 30 days.


One of the most important decisions you have to make within 10 days is:

Who will represent you?

The laws and regulations involved are countless and complicated, way too difficult to handle by most people. A professional lawyer, experienced and specialized in D.U.I. laws can make the difference to drastically reduce or eliminate the impact on you normal life!

Do not choose a lawyer, who also works on D.U.I. cases besides his main focus for bankruptcy, divorces or injuries. Constantly updated laws require a real expert, who concentrates on D.U.I. only. Ask for the track record, the advanced training in Field Sobriety Testing, breath and blood testing protocols and if your defense can start RIGHT AWAY.

Nobody can guarantee a specific outcome on any D.U.I. case, the only thing guaranteed is, that:

If you go to court and plead guilty, it is 100% guaranteed that the judge finds you guilty and 100% guaranteed that you will have a D.U.I. conviction on your permanent criminal record with the guarantee to suffer all consequences the court wants to impose on you!

Fighting your case with the right lawyer on your side means that you can relax, knowing everything is in the hand of an experienced, knowledgeable Expert, who will do everything to help your case. It means, YOU HAVE A CHANCE!

There are many little but significant details involved in the process to find you guilty. Perhaps the officer didn’t have a reason to stop you in the first place, maybe the breath machine is out of calibration, perhaps the blood sample is clotted or fermented, the reading is false, what about the time of driving? Being 0.08 BAC at the police station is not illegal. Was the arrest lawful? And much more.

Only with professional representation will you know.

For most people, the driver’s license means more than and ID-card. It is the tool to your life. You need it to get to work, to organize your daily routine and to enjoy your social integrity.

If your driver’s license has been confiscated and you do not have a passport, go the DMV and get an ID-card right away.

For the rest, trust the experienced specialist at FIGHT4DUI.COM to fight for you!

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