Driving with a “Suspended License” knowingly or unknowingly is a crime with harsh consequences.

If your driver’s license has been suspended – You can get it back.

There are 4 possible reasons in California which can cause the suspension of your driving privilege.

1) Negligent operator:
If you have accumulated too many points on your record in a certain time period from traffic tickets, the DMV revokes your license.
In this case it might be possible to reopen one or more of your closed cases by filing motions to reopen with the corresponding courts, fight them in court at a new trial date, get them dismissed and thereby removed from your record. Then a DMV hearing has to be requested in which your license will be reinstated.
It takes special knowledge and experience to proceed through this process, as our attorneys do successfully on countless occasions.

2) Failure to Appear (FTA)
When you received a routine traffic citation, you promised with your signature on the ticket, that you will appear at the date and court location, specified on the ticket. Failure to do so results in a report from the court to the DMV and a “hold” will be placed on your license.
There are many variations of this scenario and we know them all.

3) DUI
The most severe reason for the suspension of your driver’s license is explained, when you click on the “DUI button”.

4) Reexamination Suspension
The least common cause for a suspended license. Nevertheless it has the same impact as the previous reasons for the suspension of your driving privilege.
This type of suspension follows when a police officer evaluates you as unable to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. A DMV hearing, if conducted properly can lift this suspension.

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